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The passion and love behind Voweletics is fierce. We are driven daily because we know our reading program is changing the future of our youth.

Our mission is dedicated to nurturing children on their journey in becoming confident readers and approaching learning with a joyful spirit.

Revolutionary Ideas Begin with One Person's Desire for Change

Founded by Jane Volden, an educator with over 40 years specializing in reading instruction, BU Publishing L.L.C. grew out of the need to provide children with a more efficient and effective way to achieve reading success. To stop children from guessing at words, Jane knew the vowel sounds needed to be mastered. So, she set out to design a curriculum that focused on the vowel sounds. Her approach was innovative because no other phonetic program placed such critical emphasis on the vowels, so she decided to call it Voweletics®... The New Phonetics.

Jane's vision for joyful learning produced far more than just a successful reading program; it cultivated an enchanting, make-believe town called Readersville; where each of the vowel characters plays an important role in their community. Custom songs, leveled worksheets and poems foster imagination and teach children important values and life lessons.

Making it Happen


Jane & Kate

If you ever get the opportunity to meet Jane, you'll immediately see that her passion for education is infectious. Her childhood love for singing and theater set the stage for joyful learning. While Jane is the brains behind the curriculum's content, she needed someone to visually bring Voweletics to life.

Jane's daughter, Kate, made that dream a reality. With a business degree from Iowa State, Kate didn't have the slightest clue how to draw or design a website. But with a lot of help from the internet, she quickly became as familiar with the full line of Adobe products, as she was with Microsoft Office.

As the saying goes... All good things take time. The Voweletics product of today has greatly evolved over the last two decades. It has gone from an idea to a brand. Jane and Kate are proud of what they have accomplished and never get tired of seeing the positive impact Voweletics has had on children all across the nation. 

Family & Friends

Brothers | Sisters | Son & Daughter | Niece | Nephews | Local Musicians | Neighbors | Teaching Partners | Friends | Tutoring Families | Local Schools 

Voweletics started off as a grassroots organization, so it's paramount that we acknowledge our very own community. There are those who helped write & produce the music, create & edit the supplemental teaching materials, and build & host the first student membership site. Then there are those who attended long days of trade shows & conferences and those who have endlessly showed support by social sharing and word-of-mouth recommendations.

You know who are, and we wouldn't be here today without you. Thanks for joining us on this amazing journey, and for cheering us on when we needed it the most. We are forever grateful.


Voweletics In The News

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Mary B.
Educational Reading Consultant

"The Voweletics program paves the way toward independent readers for all kids. It systematically approaches the toughest aspect of decoding – the vowels – while building fluency, comprehension and confidence. Kids do become strategic readers through highly motivating lessons. Kids love it, teachers love it, and parents love it!"


Cathy F.
National Right to Read Ambassador

"Voweletics is amazing! Students are learning decoding rules and remembering them with its teaching songs. Standardized testing shows that the Voweletics method really works."


Amy P.
2nd Grade Teacher

"The kids have absorbed the teaching lessons and have remained very enthusiastic with all of the program. The songs really stick with the kids. I keep hearing one or two singing during other parts of the day."

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