A Common Sense Solution

And oh, so much fun!!

What Administrators Are Saying

Voweletics is amazing! Students are learning decoding rules and remembering them with its teaching songs. Standardized testing shows that the Voweletics method really works. 

Cathy F., National Right to Read Ambassador

I have often wondered how you can take our complex, learning-to-read process and simplify it. You have done it! 

Cindy B., Assistant Superintendent/Curriculum Director 

The Voweletics program paves the way toward becoming independent readers for all kids. It systematically approaches the toughest aspect of decoding – the vowels – while building fluency, comprehension and confidence. Kids do become strategic readers through highly motivating lessons. Kids love it, teachers love it, and parents love it!  

Mary B., Educational Reading Consultant

I whole-heartedly endorse the Voweletics Reading Program. It is not only completely engaging to the students, but has proven to be a wonderful professional development tool. Pilot studies over the years have proven it to be an effective learning method.  It provides students, parents and teachers with a reading process that is easy for all to understand.  The program is carefully crafted to provide differentiated learning to reach all learners.  When introducing Voweletics to your school, it will surely be met with similar excitement.  This is a reading method that truly makes sense.

Katie S., Elementary School Principal

Consistency and transitioning teaching methods is a key objective for our school system. Your program fits in nicely with the objectives we are already trying to set forth. 

Tom P., Superintendent of Schools 

What Teachers Are Saying

The teacher site is so easy to use! The weekly lesson plans are thorough and detailed! You have an amazing program built that is helping students succeed beyond my expectations! Parents are active in helping their students prepare for the sight word lists each week. I have heard positive comments about the website and the weekly activities. 

Anne C., Kindergarten Teacher

What is Voweletics? Fun to teach! Fun to learn! The songs and characters get them hooked right away. The lessons flow quickly enough to keep their attention and the review activities guarantee understanding. My class is decoding words like never before! The web activities are an added plus. Parents can help and be involved. There are a nice variety of lessons. We always look forward to what is coming next! I love it! My class loves it! 

Madeline G.,1st Grade Teacher 

The kids have absorbed the teaching lessons and have remained very enthusiastic with all of the program. The songs really stick with the kids. I keep hearing one or two singing during other parts of the day. 

Amy P., 2nd Grade Teacher 

What Parents Are Saying

“This evening we really enjoyed our Voweletics.  Grace sang and knew the catchy, educational songs.  She was so animated and excited. She enjoyed teaching me!”

“I feel well equipped to know how to help my child. Whatever they learned in class, I continue to reinforce it throughout the week. “

“The phonetic guidelines have been a valuable tool that we keep handy.” 

“Knowing how to explain the vowel sounds to Matt, made reading more enjoyable instead of frustrating.” 

“The songs have helped us learn the vowel combinations in a quick, easy way.”

What Children Are Saying

“The vowel sounds helped me pronounce words and spell.”

“I learned how to sound out the words so I can be a better reader.”

“It is easier to sound words out.”

“The songs are my favorite part.”

“I just read better.”