Transform your child
into a phonics superhero

Morph yourself into their
pivotal sidekick

Whether you have an eager preschooler or a struggling reader, our brand NEW Voweletics Phonetic Courses will set your child's reading confidence soaring to unimaginable heights

All great things take time. Our amazing team is putting on the finishing touches to ensure you and your child have a superb experience. Sales officially begin June 5th! Trust us... it will be worth the wait!

Register today to receive a discount code and other out-of-this-world surprises as we count down to launch day together. 

Voweletics Phonetic Courses

The learn-to-read solution for your child

Voweletics Phonetic Courses are instructed by a dynamic web teacher, Miss Jane. She teaches using a masterfully refined set of phonetic rules your child will leverage for a lifetime of learning. Content is delivered through systematic charts, teaching songs and other highly engaging activities that reinforce learning. Our online courses benefit early readers, accelerated readers, struggling readers and ESL learners needing help with reading and spelling.


The Voweletics learning platform was designed to be simple to navigate for the child and their trusty sidekick.

  • Courses contain 25 lessons
  • Lessons follow a similar layout 
  • Learn at your own pace


Each lesson systematically teaches to the 18 vowel combinations using Voweletics' revolutionary method.

  • Method eliminates word guessing
  • Hard copy charts reinforce teachings
  • Activity book coordinates with lessons


We handle 90% of the teaching, but your support and guidance is necessary along the journey.

  • Key instruction delivered via video tutorials
  • Weekly live Q&A webinars for parents  
  • Passionate support team here for you
Voweletics Flashcards

"The Voweletics program paves the way toward independent readers for all kids. It systematically approaches the toughest aspect of decoding - the vowels - while building fluency, comprehension and confidence. Kids do become strategic readers through highly motivating lessons. Kids love it, teachers love it, and parents love it!"

Mary B.
Educational Reading Consultant


Learning Phonics is Fabulously Fun

The magic unicorn of learn-to-read programs

Oftentimes being different is a good thing. Like... a really good thing! Voweletics tackles the the hardest part of learning to read. The vowels in the English language are complex. With the 18 different vowel sound combinations, it's a wonder you and I ever learned how to read fluently!

The Voweletics Phonetic Courses provide a solid, learn-to-read solution. But it's the unique touches - those big, little things - that create this magical experience that produces results with smiles nearly 100% of the time.

Kindness abounds in Readersville

A guide word reinforces a letter sound. Your child is likely familiar with the word apple, used to associate the short a vowel sound.  

However, Voweletics guide words come to life. The characters designed for each guide word live and work in the little town of Readersville, USA. The charismatic residents engage children, crank up the excitement level, and teach important life lessons on how to be a good person. The songs, poems, stories and activity worksheets leave children eager to learn. 

Web pages Eggly

Creative & analytical thinking encouraged

The Voweletics Phonetic Courses incorporate visual, auditory & kinesthetic components into each lesson. These multi-sensory components encourage the use of the analytical left brain and the creative right brain. Acceleration in decoding skills, reading fluency and overall comprehension can be seen in as little as 10 weeks.

Rapid memory recall built through song

You know those phone numbers or company names you always remember because they are tied to a catchy jingle? We do, too! That's why Voweletics created original songs with our own catchy tunes. The songs help facilitate rapid memory recall to help children phonetically sound out new words.

Awaken your kid at heart

Take three minutes to listen to a medley of our favorite Voweletics songs. You'll be tapping to the beat with a smile on your face! Think of it like Elvis Presley mixed with Paul McCartney; topped off with a little Janis Joplin. You'll hear first hand why children love learning to read with Voweletics!

WHAT TO DO #1 Phonetics Reading Rule

Word guessing just may become obsolete

To become a good reader, it's essential to know the right vowel sounds and when to use them in words. Voweletics consolidates the phonetic code into three simple rules. These rules form the structure for decoding any word.  

The Smart Chart is a printed resource children use until mastery is achieved. When the reader encounters an unfamiliar word, they use the Voweletics LOOK! THINK! READ! process with the Smart Chart to identify the vowel pattern and determine which of the three rules applies. 

One vowel. Three simple words. Three different phonetic sounds.

Can you explain why the letter "e" make a different sound in each word?


Not to worry if you can't... that's OUR job!


Library of common questions

We are here to help!

Voweletics Phonetics Course Pricing

The details on which course is best for your child

The Voweletics team has a passion for building a strong, phonetic foundation in our communities. We know the ability to read proficiently impacts their futures, and we want to see children soar to unimaginable heights.

The educational brilliance, perfected method, creative touches and passionate human hearts behind the scenes bring to market a product you won't find offered anywhere else. We truly appreciate your interest in Voweletics and hope you give our courses an opportunity to be a hero in your home. Our 30-Day Happiness Guarantee means you have nothing to lose!

Pre Voweletics

  • 1 Year Access to Online Course Content*
  • 25 Interactive Lessons
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Pre Voweletics Activity Book
  • Pre Voweletics Chart Packet
  • Self-Paced Sight Word Development
  • Weekly Live Q&A Parent Webinars (optional)
  • FREE Shipping for Activity Book and Chart Packet


  • 1 Year Access to Online Course Content*
  • 25 Interactive Lessons
  • Progress Tracking Dashboard
  • Voweletics Activity Book
  • Voweletics Chart Packet
  • Self-Paced Sight Word Development
  • Weekly Live Q&A Parent Webinars (optional)
  • FREE Shipping for Activity Book and Chart Packet

Voweletics K-2nd Grade Curriculum

Robust curriculum for extended licensing scenarios

Our K-2nd Grade phonetic reading curriculum aligns with the Science of Reading. It's been available for years, but it's not going anywhere. It's still loved by our schools and an available for new schools or learning pods to integrate into your learning environment. 

Voweletics The New Phonetics

Schools & Learning Pod Features Overview

Contact for Pricing
  • Annual Extended License
  • Hard Copy Charts
  • K - 2nd Grade Curriculum
  • 26 Teaching Lessons / Grade
  • 23 Teaching Songs
  • Interactive Learning Activites
  • Spelling Program
  • Sight Word Development Plan
  • Hundreds of Worksheets
  • 26 Teacher Guides / Grade
  • Teacher On-Boarding Webinars
  • Teacher On-Demand Resources
  • Teacher On-Going Support

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